Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cool Breeze

This week was light on communication for me. I seemed to stray from my long-distant friends and only realizing it after one of my besties said, "I haven't heard from you much this week... are you okay?" Another realization came when it became apparent that I hadn't blogged much either. Gosh...

So... I'm sitting here in the quiet house waiting for the Cutie-pie to awake from his afternoon slumber and trying to wrack my brain on what I could share. As I'm milling about, finishing dinner (pork carnitas), tidying up, doing dishes... the sky turns dark and out pours what seems like a million gallons of rain. Then the flashes come... wait for it... BOOM!... and the thunder. Hmmm... this might put a damper on the outdoor party we're attending this evening.

But then I feel the cool breeze come through the windows. In spite of my slight disappointment in the weather change, I find myself feeling refreshed. Because, the first thing that comes to mind is how God often comes into our sunny, bright, warm lives... and he arrives as rain and thunder and lightening. Then as we're panicking and asking and pleading as to why God would move in our lives in such a scary way, he sends the cool breeze. A breeze of contentment and faith. A coolness that sneaks in and we only realize he's present when the goosebumps raise on our arms. God is good.

It's still quiet in here and dark. I want to nap and put my sweats on. I want to snuggle with my snoozing little baby boy. But I'll let him sleep, say a prayer and go about my business.

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