Monday, May 16, 2011

Party Like A Champ

It's so much fun to be a part of a surprise. Saturday night we had the opportunity to help Emily surprise her hubs with a birthday party. Matt kept Jeremy downstairs with some construction help and I attempted to keep Emily sane by cutting veggies and assuring her of Jeremy's oblivion. I can't say I don't blame her... nothing's worse than trying to pull off a surprise only to realize the party animal knew all along. Needless to say, it was a close one... but she pulled it off like a champ!

The day was full of questionable weather, but during festivies all was dry and warmish (barely). This allowed friends to gather outside and talk amongst themselves. It was a fun opportunity for everyone to come together without it being church-related. Community, right? What a great community we have.

Emily had a Mexican spread with soups, dips, and burrito fixin's. To add to the taste explosion, Matt made his Pork Carnitas and it pretty much sent everything over the top. Gotta say it... we all love ourselves some GOOD food!

Along with the Mexican theme, Emily had a pinata for Jeremy. Classic fun. She had all the kiddos take a swing and then Jeremy was invited to do the honors. I'm sure any dude would agree, who doesn't love to swing a bat as hard as you can once in awhile? 

Good form, Jeremy.
Lastly, I attempted to catch a family pic... but due to my own child being a handful and a hubs who was on his last leg of patience (with said child) it was a hurried process. The result... lil' Aviana with closed eyes. Bummer. I really gotta work on my photo skills. Anywho... it's still an adorable pic of a family we just can't get enough of.
The Cox Family: Alidia, Emily, Jeremy, Aviana, and Cole (L to R)

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