Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deep & Selfless Love

As a couple, Matt and I have rhythm in our life and it flows easily for us. I mostly enjoy my role at home as wife and mother. Matt mostly enjoys his role out in the workforce as breadwinner, father and husband. True this is a very traditional role and often it's far from perfect... but it has become steady and functional for us.

This week I am more aware than ever how hard the hubs works to keep us afloat, financially, that is. True, he always works hard and I won't ever deny that. But the weight of his responsibility is very evident to me this week, and I'm ever more thankful for all he achieves in our life together.

I think about the reasons he works so hard, and it goes far beyond bills, food, housing and entertainment... but the fact that he loves us from the very core of who he is. Matt's love is deep and selfless and I see this in the way he provides. I am thankful for the rhythm and flow of our life. Yet, I am often caught up in the current and fail to acknowledge how special Matt is; how my life wouldn't have the depth or passion it has today, due to him

I saw this photo online and it made me realize how unique it is to share life with one person, such as Matt. My heart was caught up in the remarkableness of my husband and how lucky, truly lucky, I am to be married, partnered and coexisting with a man of such integrity.

Photo Courtesy of: Ben Heine
Ben Heine is a painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer...check him out!

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  1. I couldn't put it better myself. We both snagged a couple good ones <3