Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Gonna Get Ugly 'round Here

Everything Sparkles!
We've been experiencing an intense amount of time indoors due to the weather. It's been really, REALLY, rainy. Not like Oregon, rain... but pouring. Oregon drizzles and sprinkles... (and that can really drive a person nuts). But here, we've been experiencing what feels like non-stop downpour. Everything sparkles. The leaves, the road, the gutters... everything is wet and drippy from these heavy drops of rain! It's like the city is the Cullen family (don't judge me for knowing the characters names!).

I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I love it, because it reminds me of home (Portland). The rain always brings a coziness that only a blanket and a hot cup of tea (coffee, ahem...I've sorta fallen off the wagon) and a snuggle on the couch can bring. I love the rain because it keeps things fresh and green. Salt Lake City has a lush landscape for that exact reason, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

But.... I hate, loathe, despise the rain because it's depressing. As a person who is prone to extreme mood changes based on my environment, the rain tends to take things low... very low. And when the rain is here for days on end, it gets ugly. Imagine my mood at "home." I wasn't a nice person very often... let's just leave it at that.

On top of the love/hate relationship, I'm responsible for a whippersnapper who would much rather be running at the park. I'm sure he's all hate the past few days... in fact, I'm positive. It's been a mess around here. Lots of breakdowns, smack downs and plain ol' bad behavior. This child has been a handful to say the least... and to add salt to the wound, we've been trapped indoors with the same toys and the same terrain. I know he's going to set this place on fire.

That being said, I've been attempting to be creative and sly in creating fun times. Using the same toys to create new games takes a special type of person. In addition, preventing movie time from turning into all-day-movie-time is a trick. When did my child decide that HE gets to make the decisions around here?! He turns on the tv himself and demands movies. What the!? Sigh....
You will notice that Lucas is not coloring in his coloring book....
... still not coloring...
We're supposed to continue with the rain through this weekend and then... maybe, just maybe... we'll have sunshine. Then I can stop being a hater and Lucas can run his little legs till they're weak (and then maybe Momma can get a decent nap out of the boy). Here's hoping.

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  1. Good luck entertaining indoors. Is Lucas into forts? When I was a nanny we would make forts out of sheets and blankets with the couches, tables and chairs. Somehow old toys were more fun inside a cool fort.
    Hope the sun start shining for you soon! You are an awesome mommy no matter how hard your day is going. Of course you already knew that, but I wanted to remind you. Love and hugs!