Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joy In Cornbread

Even when I'm feeling burned out, it seems impossible to miss the moments of laughter and joy with Lucas. 

It's just he and I on this Sunday as Matt works hard for money so he can enjoy a day with us tomorrow (Memorial Day). I let it be a relaxing day of Lucas' favorite cartoons/movies... Thomas the Train, Word World... while I tidied up and relaxed myself (we had a fun/crazy/action-packed day yesterday).

Lunchtime rolls around and typically it's hodgepodge of deliciousness for us. Today was leftovers which included cornbread muffins. Lucas calls them, "Mohpuns" which I find delightful... because we've literally been at a loss for words around here, which is the brunt of our behavioral problems/communication issues... and any word, I don't care how he says it, is wonderful.

Where was I? Oh yea... cornbread muffins. 

So Lucas is eating and I turn around to this:

Yes. It's true. He had pulled his shirt off one side of his body... sportin' those guns, but avoiding the awkward nipple shot. His goal?... to use the sleeve to wipe the juice off his tray. Insane or ingenious? I don't know... but it made me laugh out loud. 

Oh to think like a toddler. The world would be a much simpler place.

So I snapped a few more pics, which made me laugh out loud a bit more... and then I realized, the past few days haven't been so bad. Just as I admitted to myself that I was tapped out, things turned around and my approach to parenting was a bit more forgiving and vulnerable... which was probably what we all needed in the first place. 

Isn't life just like that?

The following pics will either make you want cornbread muffins, or never see another cornbread muffin your life. Prepare for some open-mouth deliciousness ahead!

Mom, you know you wanna maow down on this goodness... you know you wanna...

C'mon Mom... eat it!

Fine! I'll eat it and do it in the most disgusting and comical way possible!

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  1. lol. There's a reason God makes them so cute. It's hard to stay angry at all that adorableness <3