Monday, July 04, 2011

Short and Sweet Celebration...Emphasis on Sweet!

Two Sundays ago I had a little birthday party for Lucas, since we were in Portland and baby birthday parties are mostly for family. I won't lie... it was a coy excuse for me to get our favorites all under the same roof. Not only did we celebrate Lucas' upcoming 2nd birthday, but I got a chance to hug most of the people I love the most!

My dear friend Anna... who has Liam. Liam is six months younger than Lucas... I think.

Grandma Lisa

Tory, Rashelle and Jacob

Myself, Grandma Judy and Brooklynn.

Aunt Tina and Uncle Brian

Rich and Lora Foley... dear friends who are continually supportive and loving.

Papa and Brooklynn helping Lucas with a new toy from Rich and Lora.

Little Liam... who doesn't look too excited at the time... but I promise... he was happy .

Livia and Aunt Esther.
IThe party was a fun time... short and sweet. We had coffee, light snacks and ice cream for dessert. I believe a party is fun when the hostess can enjoy herself too. That being said, I kept it simple to ensure a low-stress, enjoyable time for all. And... Lucas' family was able to celebrate his 2nd birthday with him. Hooray!

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  1. We were so sad to have missed Lucas' party! I wish we could have made the trip up to see you. I know my parents sure enjoyed it and my mom loved chatting with you!