Monday, August 29, 2011

Heritage Park Revisited

It's a scorcher today... something like a high of ninety-five. I suppose that's not too bad. I find myself complaining about the heat far more often than my friends who are from Austin or Denver. I'm pretty sure they judge me every time I mention it. But the Oregonian in me feels like anything above eighty is hot! I can't tell if it's ninety or ninety-five... it's just hot.

Anywho... it's hot, so Erin and I thought hitting up the Heritage Park earlier was a good idea. Yes... Lucas and I went to "This Is The Place" Heritage Park last year and frankly, I was not impressed. But sweet Erin had tickets that were free, so of course we had to use them! Seriously... anyone who pays to get into that place is crazy.

That's just my opinion.

So we walked around and found ourselves sweating immediately. There was no relief. We were in the hills, so the trees are non-existent and we're like, a mile closer to the blazing sun (a bit of an exaggeration). Ugh. Nothing is more uncomfortable than damp, sweaty clothes. And... I have bangs, which inevitably stick to my forehead, which is definitely not attractive. Whatever... I got some great pics of the Salt Lake Valley.
Salt Lake City Valley behind Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. The park has beautiful iron sculptures.
Salt Lake City Valley... the Temple and Capital are farther to the right and cannot be seen while you're in the hills.
Another perk of the Park is that no one is there, so we could let the kiddos run around a little bit more. The boys could explore and stretch their legs as we walked throughout the park's different exhibits of Mormon Pioneer days (a lot of walking). There's a petting zoo, and horses and a iron shop... where a friendly young man took his job very seriously (aka... was a very convincing pioneer boy). The kiddos liked the fire he had going. All I could think about was the fact that it was so hot and this poor kid had to stand next to a fire in full clothing (long sleeves, black pants, boots and a hat).
Quentin had a fun time licking rocks and poking his finger in the mud. 

Lucas and Mama... with her sweaty bangs.
The last part of our morning ended with a "train" ride. The boys had seen the train throughout the morning and knew we were going to ride it. Oh! They couldn't wait. It was nice to be in a covered vehicle that allowed the breeze and small-talk. Lucas and Quentin enjoyed almost as much as Erin and I.
Hey cutie!
Erin and Quentin.

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  1. Have you been working out? You look like you've gained some muscle. Of course it could be from picking up that 30+ pound kiddo :)