Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Beautiful Halloween!

I just LOVE holidays... and Halloween is an especially fun one! I find this holiday particularly enjoyable, because it's meant to be shared with friends and loved ones... and it's the Fall. This season is a time of comfort, security and rest; a time to relax and just chill out!

Lucas and I spent the morning at the park with Katie and Hudson and after a wonderful time of connection, we walked amongst the leaves and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. In this time of what feels like angst and a little bit of sadness, I find myself seeking out the simple beauties in life.

I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mother, and these are the types of days when I can relish this opportunity. Not only am I able to love on my little boy every day ('cause you know it's all snuggles, all the time...right...), but I'm able to take him to the park to see the leaves and the changing of the seasons. And in doing so we have the most interesting and charming of conversations.

Today we talked about the season of Autumn... and how that means the days are shorter and the nights are colder. And when that happens the leaves change colors and eventually drop off of their limbs, landing on the ground for us to crunch and shuffle through. We talked about how Autumn means Winter is coming.

We also talked about the geese who live in the pond... and one is called a goose, but many are called geese. We talked about goose poop (because it was all over our shoes) and how goose poop is really just a lot of bugs and grass, mixed with water and mud... because that's all geese eat. Lucas thought that was pretty gross and asked why they don't go poo in the toilet like boys? I had to laugh out loud, but assured him it was a perfectly good question.

 We talked about Halloween... because the boy has been talking about it for two weeks! We talked about the plan for the rest of our day... grocery store, naptime, Halloween project, dinner and then... trick or treating! He is SO incredibly excited even though the child has never done this before. I told him we'd visit friends and say "trick or treat!" and then we'd visit daddy at work, which he was even more excited to do. Warms my heart...

Sure these are simple conversations and yes many questions can feel so so overwhelming in a day... but I'm so lucky to see the learning and growth happen right in front of me! It feels like a gift on days like these... a gift to be able to play, run, explore and learn right alongside my little boy. These are the days I'll keep in my heart always... even if it's just at the park on Halloween day. These are the simple beauties.

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  1. These pictures are SO gorgeous; this is such an amazing time of year here in Salt Lake.