Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 15, My Body

Today I am thankful for my body. I am thankful my body is healthy and strong.

With this body I can play with my little boy. I chase him around the house and run after him at the park. When he says, "Mommy come with me!" I follow him at a preschooler pace, which is always running. I am thankful I can sit with him on the floor and set up train tracks. I'm so thankful my body allows me to push toy trucks across the floor on my knees.

With my strong body I can serve others. It allows me to stand in the kitchen and make hot meals for those who are in need (including my own family!). This body helps me lovingly make beds, fold clothes and clean bathrooms. It allows me to serve my family in our home and others outside the home.

 I'm thankful my body can do fun things too! I enjoy my workouts...pushing, pulling, kicking, and jumping. These are a time during my day where I can be on my own, without distraction and worry (although I still think about my to-do list!). My body can go on bike rides, jogs and long walks...and as a mother, these are always therapeutic times.

I'm thankful my body can worship. I can lift my hands to the Lord in song, or clasp them in prayer. I can pray on my knees or sit in quiet meditation. My body allows me to close my eyes in focus or observe with a soft heart.

I am thankful this body of mine can give hugs, receive love and pass out tickles. It holds hands, plays footsie and scratches backs.  I am thankful I have a strong and healthy body to live out this life full of adventure fun and challenge.

What are the strongest parts of your body? Are you thankful for those parts?

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