Friday, September 13, 2013

Balancing Out

It's a lovely morning here in Muncie... cool, breezy and the skies are clear as a bell. It's truly a relief to have the fresh coolness of Fall setting in after what felt like weeks of sticky hot. We are ready to welcome the cool nights, rainy days and crispy leaves as we transition into a season of rest.

Matt and I are still searching for a home to call our own. We have yet to truly unpack in the condominium we currently reside in, as there continues to be hope that we will find a home that is a good fit for our small family. There is great anticipation at the thought of having a home to call our own, with a backyard and an address we can keep for years! Matt and I have a knack for moving frequently and it's safe to say we're ready to settle in for a bit.

Lucas will be starting preschool on Monday, and though I didn't expect to feel this way... I am excited! I go back and forth with my thoughts regarding education, and though I still believe homeschooling can be a far superior option for many families, our family has chosen to put our Little in preschool.

Lucas has struggled with boredom since arriving her in Muncie, and his behavior has been outrageously difficult. I recognize that mischievousness is a symptom of many things, but if we can quell his need for social interaction with a loving preschool, we'll do it. I think this will be great on many levels and in turn, if our little man is healthy, happy and having his needs met, our family will be all the more balanced for it.

So... there you have it. Not much really to report, except that life is starting to balance out. I've had the beautiful opportunity to connect with loved ones in other areas, we're planning a few trips to see a few lovelies and in the midst of the distance friendships, I've had sweet opportunities to connect with new friends here in Muncie. It's when we allow ourselves to emotionally disconnect from our current situation and step outside of ourselves... that's when we begin to see the small developments unfurling themselves into huge blessings down the road. I can see the beginnings of many good things.

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  1. I go back and forth a lot about the role of school in our kids' lives too; there was a lot positive about my homeschooling years on one hand, but on the other hand, preschool has made sense for all of our kids, for various reasons. These are such complex, involved questions... Anyway, I hope that Lucas' first preschool experience is AMAZING. :)