Friday, September 13, 2013

Compliments From Another Generation

 This morning we all went to look at a home with our Realtor, Jim. Jim is an old-fashioned man. He's kind, polite, matter of fact and a bit hard of hearing. That being said, we've grown attached to him and greatly respect all of his input and advice regarding home buying in Muncie.

Upon arrival at this home, we get out of our car and wait for Jim. Sure enough, he rolls up in his red Tahoe and gets out of the car. Lucas yells, "Hi Jim!!" and runs across the yard to greet him. And then Lucas says: "It's nice to see you again!"

Jim just smiles and says: "Aww, what a good kid."

Cynical me responds: "Well, it's still early in the day... he he he."

Then Jim said something that both humbled me and warmed my heart. He said:

"You know, you guys... I almost said something last time we were together, but I'll tell you now. You guys are great parents."

Jim then went on to explain why he thought we were doing a good job, and most of his reasons were old fashioned, but solid. He said: "If you ever doubt, I can assure you... you are doing SO good."

This coming from a guy who ignores my sarcasm and witty jokes. This coming from a man who has grown children and obviously prefers "to be seen and not heard" policies regarding kids. This coming from a man who is serious about life and has a deep respect for raising children with strong morals and a heavy honor for their elders.

It was good for me to hear these things Jim had to share. The day in and day out sure does feel gritty, wild and unruly. But from a man who is quite possibly two generations ahead of us, a compliment like this gives me perspective that everything is going to be alright. Our son, though he be strong-minded and independent, has all the workings of good man.

Thanks for the compliment Jim. You have no idea what this does for us. God bless your heart.

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